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What is a Clinical Trial?

Here you’ll find a comprehensive listing of all the active clinical trials currently available in the ZipTrials network.

What’s a clinical trial? These medical research studies aim to make strides in health care through the exploration of new medical preventions, treatments and diagnostics. A key component of this process involves evaluating the safety and efficacy of new approaches. This, in turn, leads to much-needed advancements in worldwide health.

The benefits of participating in clinical trials are multilayered. For starters, playing such an active role in your own health can expose you to some of the most innovative medical treatments out there. Another perk is having the opportunity to work alongside some of the nation’s leading medical experts.

Taking part in a research study also aids the medical community in making real advancements in global health. This impacts collective wellbeing on the whole, which is rewarding in itself. Some medical facilities may also compensate study participants via complimentary medications and/or treatment. Others compensate for travel expenses and/or time.

Either way, patient privacy is something that’s never compromised at ZipTrials. We do not share contact information with any third parties. (Read more about our privacy policy here.) However, any personal information you share with medical facilities is subject to each one’s own privacy policies.

Clinical trials themselves are broken down into four main categories.

Phase I studies focus on the drug or treatment’s safety in humans.

Phase II studies have to do with a drug or treatment’s efficacy. For example, how well it works when compared to a placebo?

Phase III studies are usually much larger in nature and last much longer. They aim to get a stronger sense of the drug or treatment’s effectiveness and potential side effects.

Phase IV studies actually occur after the treatment or drug has been approved for consumer sale. They’re more focused on comparing an approach to other approved ones currently available. In addition, phase IV studies may observe long-term side effects or observe cost-effectiveness.