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In addition to being a leader in clinical trial registration, ZipTrials is also your go-to source for breaking medical news. Our editorial team is a trusted source for the most current health stories that are trending right now.

If you’re after the latest news coming out of clinical trials and medical research studies – ZipTrials has got you covered. Since our inception in 2011, ZipTrials has established strong relationships with a growing number of medical facilities. As a result, we’ve got our ear to the ground when it comes to trending health news.

Feel free to filter news articles by specific medical conditions, or simply view them chronologically. Either way, ZipTrials makes it easy to access and share the medical news stories that matter most to you. Our efforts include in-depth interviews with medical news-makers, as well as reports on current health trends affecting the United States and beyond.

Another perk is that our featured medical news is synced up to related clinical trials, making it that much easier to register for active research studies. Why register for a clinical trial? Doing so allows you to take an active role in your health care. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with some of the nation’s leading medical providers. What’s more is that you’ll be contributing to the vital research that plays such an important role in improved patient care. In addition, some medical facilities compensate their participants. This compensation can take many forms. For some, it may be complimentary medications or treatments. Others might compensate volunteers for their time and/or travel.


Autism linked to heightened creativity

August 28, 2015
Dad with daughter

Splitting child care duties improves parents’ sex lives

August 27, 2015

Access to nature may improve sleep

August 26, 2015

Treatment-resistant head lice found in 25 states

August 21, 2015

Are headaches during pregnancy cause for concern?

August 20, 2015
Attractive woman

Does being hungry make women feel less sexy?

August 19, 2015
Healthy Older Guy

Testosterone therapy may protect against heart issues

August 18, 2015

Cancer and religion: what’s the link?

August 14, 2015

Sexting might be good for your relationship

August 13, 2015

Quitting smoking? Enzyme could be a game changer

August 11, 2015
Sleeping on side

The best sleeping position to prevent Alzheimer’s

August 7, 2015

Teens who smoke marijuana not at greater risk for later health issues

August 7, 2015
Sex on the beach

Women who have casual vacation sex underestimate the risks

August 5, 2015

Study explores eating for two during pregnancy

August 5, 2015
Girl With Crossed Arms - Isolated

Transgender youths don’t have irregular hormones, study finds

July 29, 2015

Bystander CPR powerful weapon against cardiac arrest

July 23, 2015

Marijuana compound may help heal bone fractures

July 21, 2015
Woman sitting

Long periods of sitting associated with elevated cancer risk

July 17, 2015